Debugging across uClibc calls

Ken Cecka ceckak at
Mon Jul 2 18:15:32 UTC 2007

Originally posted this on the buildroot list, but they directed me here...

Hi All,

I've got a PPC405 target up and running with a buildroot/uClibc linux
environment, and now I'm trying to debug an application.  I can launch the
application using gdbserver and then connect to it using my host gdb, and
everything is great as I step through the code... until I reach a C 
call.  Any time I try to step over one of these (e.g. print, memcpy, etc),
I end up getting stuck in call___do_global_ctors_aux.

I did a little searching around on the web and the only thing I could find
about this is that this symbol is related to runtime linking of shared
library functions.  That's fine and dandy, but how do I get past it?  I'm
not trying to step into the call, just over it so I can continue debugging
my high level code.

Any suggestions?


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