_dl_app_init_array and _dl_app_fini_array problems

Kevin Day thekevinday at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 16:10:33 UTC 2006

On 9/29/06, Mike Frysinger <vapier at gentoo.org> wrote:
> On Thursday 28 September 2006 17:41, Kevin Day wrote:
> > 1)  libc.so is not a file, but the following:
> as it should be
btw, the word "file", I left out the word ELF. ( I had meant to say
that it was not an ELF file)

Why is it set as this?  it is causing my toolchain to improperly link
to the host libc instead of the toolchain that I am trying to build.
Thus, polluting my entire toolchain.

> > 2)    _dl_app_init_array and _dl_app_fini_array were not found when
> > trying to link anything against libc.so.  with readelf, I found that
> > those two had the UND tags.
> again, by design
> the ldso defines those two symbols so your libc.so should be linking against
> the ldso so the symbols are found
> -mike
Thats the problem, it is not linking to ldso, and I am not sure where
in the make-system this is supposed to happen.

So what is it that I am misunderstanding?

P.S. Sorry, didn't realize gmail was not replying to the list as I expected.

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