ARM NPTL support for uClibc

Jim Blandy jimb at
Thu Sep 28 17:33:16 UTC 2006

Olivier Stoltz Douchet <o.douchet at> writes:
> I tried to figure out where is the ARM NPTL support in uClibc, but
> could not find any in the current trunk nor in the uClibc-nptl branch.
> Have such changes yet to be committed to the main trunk or to the
> uClibc-nptl branch?
> If not yet committed, is that possible to get an ARM NPTL snapshot of
> uClibc so that we can dig-in the code and give some feedback?

Hi, Olivier.  The most recent version of our patch posted for general
use was announced here:

However, I have a newer version, uClibc-0.9.28-csl-nptl-7, relative to
uClibc trunk r16195, which I'll put up shortly.  The same caveats
apply to -7 that applied to -6.

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