Problem compiling for m68k

Heiko --- tomtegubbar99 at
Fri Sep 15 21:52:25 UTC 2006

Hello everybody,

i compiled binutils2.16-1 and gcc-3.4.2 for m68k-elf
and want to compile uClibc for m68k, too.
After configuring and putting my m68k-stuff in $PATH I
compiled it with

make CROSS=m68k-elf-

And I get the following error:

  CC libm/e_rem_pio2.os
  CC libm/k_rem_pio2.os
  CC libm/s_finite.os
  CC libm/sqrtf.os
  STRIP -x -R .note -R .comment lib/libm.a
  AR cr lib/libm.a
  CC libnsl/nsl.os
/tmp/ccknq0Q3.s: Assembler messages:/tmp/ccknq0Q3.s
/tmp/ccknq0Q3.s:7: Error: junk at end of line, first
unrecognized character is `,'
make: *** [libnsl/nsl.os] Fehler 1/tmp/ccknq0Q3.s

/tmp/ccknq0Q3.s seems to be deleted - i can not find
and have a look at it.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong?



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