readdir not setting d_type 0.9.28

Rogelio Serrano rogelio.serrano at
Thu Sep 7 22:17:36 UTC 2006

On 9/8/06, Rich Felker <dalias at> wrote:

> > the manual is saying that d_type is not portable so i went ahead and
> > used stat instead.
> This is definitely correct, but depending on your application, it may
> be useful to use d_type when it is available. If this is the only
> information you need to know from stat, you can easily make your
> program several times faster (and avoid excessive disk thrashing) by
> using d_type and avoiding the call to stat.

yes thats true. but this is used in init when looking for service
definitions during bootup. which will probably stay well below a
hundred files.

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