Why buildroot don't use -D__FORCE_NOGLIBC

Nitin Gupta ngupta at mvista.com
Thu Sep 7 18:26:46 UTC 2006

Following is from README file in uClibc. Looks like buildroot does not 
use this flag. Is there any reason for not using it? Does it impact the 

    There is an unwholesomely huge amount of code out there
    that depends on the presence of GNU libc header files.
    We have GNU libc compatible header files.  So we have
    committed a horrible sin in uClibc.  We _lie_ and claim
    to be GNU libc in order to force these applications to
    work as their developers intended.  This is IMHO,
    pardonable, since these defines are not really intended
    to check for the presence of a particular library, but
    rather are used to define an _interface_.  Some programs
    are especially chummy with glibc, and may need this
    behavior disabled by adding CFLAGS+=-D__FORCE_NOGLIBC

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