toolchain - a newbie question

stari pas staripas at
Tue Nov 21 23:09:34 UTC 2006

> >> My interpretation of this is that my original cross tools now need to
> >> be rebuilt in order to use uClibc.
> >> Is my assumption right?
> >
> > Yes.
> >
> > Technically there are some shortcuts you can take, but by far the 
> > simplest and most reliable solution is to rebuild everything.
> Let me add that there is infrastructure that does this for you unless
> you want to recompile your whole system by hand.

ok, it sounded like it needs to be done, just wanted a confirmation from the people in the know
btw, i got my package(s) from uClinux-dist tarball (quite a download) and that's where my toolchain comes from

i'll give the "buildroot" a go just because my experience with this is rather thin, but long term i wouldn't mind knowing what is happening behind the scene; would anyone be able to suggest recommended readings about this aspect?

thanks to everyone for their responses

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