toolchain - a newbie question

Paul Brook paul at
Tue Nov 21 16:19:53 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 21 November 2006 09:43, stari pas wrote:
> Hi,
> I've built uClibc libraries using gnu cross development tools.
> Now, the INSTALL file says (under USING uClibc):
>  "To compile programs with uClibc you will need a complete toolchain
>   (i.e. binutils, gcc, and uClibc) that was built expressly for use
>   with uClibc."
> My interpretation of this is that my original cross tools now need to
> be rebuilt in order to use uClibc.
> Is my assumption right?


Technically there are some shortcuts you can take, but by far the simplest and 
most reliable solution is to rebuild everything.


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