sscanf in uClibc vs glibc

Carlo Zinato czinato at
Fri Nov 17 10:31:55 UTC 2006

I develop c apps with uclibc 0.9.28 on an ARM920T based arch and I 
currently use something like

sscanf(read_line, "%s %hhu", cbuff, &uinum);

where read_line, cbuff are char pointers and uinum is unsigned int.
I include just stdio.h and everything is fine, also changing format 
types (i.e. %huu etc.)
I have #define _GNU_SOURCE for other purposes but I think it's not 
necessary for this matter.
Maybe 16/32 bits arch matters?


Thomas Lundquist ha scritto:
> Hi.
> a collegue has a problem with sscanf (he needs it to support integers
> and strings) and it works on a glibc Linux machine but not our buildroot
> based (with 0.9.28) arm target.
> so the simple question is; should it work? 
> (I am looking at code now but if someone just knew..)
> TIA.
> Thomas.
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