Thumb patches

Paul Brook paul at
Thu Nov 16 16:10:37 UTC 2006

> > > Thanks for explaining. Then I wonder if TFUNC stuff should be under
> > > a SUPPORT_OLD_ARM_ABI(better name needed) config flag?
> >
> > Yes, probably.
> hmm, does it make sense to use the old ABI in a new uClibc env.?
> Since uClibc isn't binary compatible yet one must recompile everything
> and then you could just as well switch to the new EABI?

EABI support requires relatively recent version of the toolchain and kernel 
(gcc4.1, binutils 2.17 and linux 2.6.16ish). Personally I don't care about 
older environments, but I suspect there are people who would complain if we 
broke then.


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