Libfl.a missing. How to find, download, build and install into my uclibc tree?

KokHow.Teh at KokHow.Teh at
Thu Nov 16 03:31:29 UTC 2006

	I am new to uclibc building and I have some basic questions to
ask. Firstly, I don't know what is the best way to find out the version
of uclibc that I am presently using. What I do is :

[tehkok at linux01 toolchain-mips 2]$ find . -name "*vers*" -print
[tehkok at linux01 toolchain-mips 3]$ pwd
[tehkok at linux01 toolchain-mips 4]$ cat
#define TOOL_CHAIN_VERSION "lxdb-1-1/3.3.6/0.9.27"
[tehkok at linux01 toolchain-mips 5]$

	This way, I conclude that my uclibc version is 0.9.27 while the
latest release is 0.9.28?
	Secondly, I am building an application that needs "-lfl"
(libfl.a) library which I don't find anywhere in my uclibc tree. How do
I find, download, build and install libfl.a into my uclibc tree?
	Any insight and advice is appreciated. Thanks.


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