mips64 notes (Re: uClibc buildlog for 20061108 snapshot (svn r16521))

Atsushi Nemoto anemo at mba.ocn.ne.jp
Wed Nov 15 02:17:15 UTC 2006

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 17:54:46 -0700, Erik Andersen <andersen at codepoet.org> wrote:
> >    mips |    mips | Compile | PASS
> >  mipsel |    mips | Compile | PASS
> BTW, we may want to add mips64 and arm thumb into the mix
> in the near future...

Some notes for mips64:

Now we can compile uClibc for mips64 (select one of "MIPS III", "MIPS
IV" and "MIPS64" for "Target Processor Architecture", and select one
of "N64 ABI" and "N32 ABI" for "Target ABI").

But there are some issues for installation.  The gcc expects N32
libraries in /lib32 and /usr/lib32, and N64 libraries in /lib64 and
/usr/lib64.  /lib and /usr/lib are used for 32-bit (O32) libraries.

If you wanted to install only one ABI in the target filesystem, just
symlinking these directories would work.  If you wanted to install
multiple ABIs, you have to install them appropriate place and fix each
libc.so files.  Also SHARED_LIB_LOADER_PREFIX should be
"$(RUNTIME_PREFIX)lib32" for N32 and "$(RUNTIME_PREFIX)lib64" for N64.

And one more issue for multi-ABI target filesystem.  Most of header
files are common, but contents of usr/include/bits/sysnum.h differ by
selected ABI.

Atsushi Nemoto

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