Building hello.c with uClibc and m68k-none-elf

Rick Garcia rick at
Tue Nov 7 22:39:08 UTC 2006

Richard Sandiford wrote:
> Rick Garcia <rick at> writes:
>> Richard Sandiford wrote:
>> So, if the "--with-sysroot=..." is correctly specified for the desired 
>> uClibc, (and with --with-newlib enabled) then the cross-compiler will be 
>> able to finish building against newlib, and will default to the uClibc 
>> libraries for future app builds?
> I don't really understand what you're asking.  Why would you build
> newlib with a uClibc-targetted compiler?

It was the other way around actually, but I take it the problem would be 
the same either way.

> You use --with-sysroot=/foo when you have already built uClibc itself,
> and installed it in /foo.[*]  You don't need --with-newlib in that case.
>  [*] As I understood it, you'd already built the library itself, and
>      were trying to link applications against it.

Almost... the compiler had been built against newlib, and I was trying 
to compile some apps against uClibc.  I had been told that there was no 
way in hell to get gcc to finish building against uClibc, and had to use 
the one built against newlib.  I take it I was badly advised :).

I am having some problems getting the toolchain to build with --sysroot 
- I can get either the binutils or gcc compiled with it, but not both at 
the same time.  I'm using 3.4.4, and I've been reading some posts that 
lead me to believe that the sysroot option might not work with the 
versions I have - it's apparently a fairly new option.

At this point tho, I'm not too worried about that (yet) - I think I can 
get it targetted correctly using the command line.

  - Rick Garcia
  Live Oak Logic

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