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Peter Kjellerstedt peter.kjellerstedt at
Tue May 30 12:11:46 UTC 2006

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> On Tuesday 30 May 2006 07:13, Peter Kjellerstedt wrote:
> > Upgrading is not really an option for me until I get a new computer.
> > And I believe I am not the only one using an older installation
> > which has been running fine for years, so it is very likely that
> > others will run into this very subtle problem as well.
> broken is broken ... as you may have noticed, i care very 
> little for bending over for such situations

Might be, but using something which you know is broken for 
a lot of people and which will yield a fubared installation 
without an error message or similar is not very user friendly...

> > 	cd lib && $(TAR) -cf - *.so.* | $(TAR) -xf - -C
> use '-C lib' rather than 'cd lib' and see if you can use tar 
> to install all libs rather than using `install` and `tar` and 
> that'll work for me

I cannot use -C with the first tar since we use the shell's
globbing to find out which files to copy (that was my initial 
try).  And I cannot use tar to copy the *.so files since these
have the executable flag set in the build directory, but should
not have it in the installed directory.  To allow for tar to
install all files we would need to change the build process so
that the files do not have the executable flag set in the build
directory; something I am not prepared to do atm.

> -mike


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