uClibc, libstdc++, and readdir()

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Fri May 26 03:07:58 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 23 May 2006 20:22, Jeff Warren wrote:
> 	I got the readdir() to use get sys_getdents64 syscall. It seems that I
> have to remove certain .o (readdir.o) files or the makefile I am using
> doesn't put the changes in the compiled library. I was deleting the
> getdents.o and the getdents64.o but that didn't seem to do it.

yeah, the build system was a bit flaky in older versions for properly updating 
the final libs with changes from underlying objects ... hopefully all the 
work in current svn should have that solved

> >         I then look at my process and see with the gdb command 'info
> > sharedlibrary' that libc.so.0 is not even loaded.

you should have libc.so.0 loaded for pretty much every single dynamic ELF 
application you use ...

> If ran on my arm target (AT91RM9200DK) using the ucLibc ldd app I see:

the uClibc ldd app isnt perfect ... sometimes it's better if you just use 
`readelf -d` and look at the DT_NEEDED entries
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