uClibc NPTL for ARM

Jim Blandy jimb at codesourcery.com
Tue May 23 23:39:43 UTC 2006

Hi, Steve.  Hi, uClibc developers.

I wanted to let folks know about a project we at CodeSourcery have
taken on.  MontaVista has hired us to port uClibc NPTL to the ARM
processor.  We'll be building on Steve's work in
svn://uclibc.org/branches/uClibc-nptl, adding ARM-specific stuff and
helping get any other problems we run into taken care of.  We'd very
much like to contribute our changes back to the public uClibc project
if you're interested, so we'll do our best to meet the uClibc coding
standards, and make revisions as suggested by reviewers.

I'll be doing the work for this project.  I'm new to uClibc, but I'll
be leaning on my co-worker Joseph Myers for advice, whom you all know
already, so with any luck things will go smoothly.

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