Problem with buildroot's

thomas.cooksey at thomas.cooksey at
Thu May 18 16:52:51 UTC 2006

I've been trying to tack down a problem with buildroot producing an
error starting with:

"tar: /home/hagra/gumstix/buildroot/dl/: Cannot read: Is a directory"

I've traced this to the I think it stems from
BR2_PACKAGE_MTD_ORIG_STRING not being defined anywhere. This in turn
makes MTD_SOURCE evaluate to nothing which is causing the $(MTD_UNZIP)
command in the "$(MTD_HOST_DIR)/.unpacked:" rule at line 50(ish) try and
untar the download directory. :-(

This rule is used if there is no mkfs.jffs2 already on the system and a
daily snapshot of the jffs2 utilities is not being used

Have I missed something really obvious? If not, where should
BR2_PACKAGE_MTD_ORIG_STRING be defined? In the base-level .config file?
Should the in the mtd directory define this variable to

I'd prefer not to just bodge it just in case this is a problem other
people are either having or are going to have in the future.


Tom Cooksey

PS: This was in a buildroot snapshot a few weeks old and today's

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