strange segfault with pthreads in 0.9.28

Rupert Mazzucco rmaz at
Mon May 15 16:44:27 UTC 2006

> Can you post a gdb output of the crash, like the call stack, this could 
> perhaps help to better understand the matter.

Actually I tried running the empty, crashing program under gdb. gdb first
complained that /bin/bash wasn't installed, which is correct but seemed like
a hilariously irrelevant observation to me, and then mentioned something
about __errno_location() when it segfaulted.  Can't tell you more right now
because I don't have the machine at hand. Anyway, this message is what gave
me the idea I mentioned, that this could somehow be related to the problems 

(Turns out the doc was on, not like I said earlier.)

And thanks everyboy for confirming that it is supposed work.  This means it
will work for me, eventually. I was slightly worried that the response would
be "duh, that's just impossible for bizarre reasons discussed at length in
the list archive; just search for this


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