strange segfault with pthreads in 0.9.28

Rupert Mazzucco rmaz at
Mon May 15 14:14:57 UTC 2006

> > upgraded make from 3.80 to 3.81 because of some dubious problem with vm
> > exhaustion, 
> was this 'memory exhausted' maybe? Do you have disabled 

Yes and yes.  I' not a big fan of gnuisms, and occasionally having to go
through config.h's and removing #define malloc rpl_malloc lines seemed a
small price to pay.

Hmm, malloc ... segmentation fault ... you don't think? ... but surely
uClibc would know how to handle its own malloc's return values?

> I can't recall anyone having problems w/  make-3.80

I can, it's even in the list archive ;) along with the information that
switching to 3.81 solves them.  In fact, strace showed that make-3.80 under
some circumstances croaked while trying to mmap all 4GB of virtual memory. 
This was clearly a bug, and now that you mention it, sounds like something
that could happen if one didn't heed the old C commandment "thou shalt not
follow the NULL pointer, for chaos and madness await thee at its end."

What bothers me though is the make-3.81 release note that says they have
introduced some incompatibilites.  I sincerly hope this is meant to be a
joke.  But it was the reason I tried 3.80 first.  After all, I didn't need
new "features", I wanted to compile existing software packages.

> well, if you want to switch between 2.4 and 2.6, I would suggest you use 
> 2.4 kernels to build everything

But will that work correctly under 2.6?  My current plan is to rebuild
everything under 2.6 and hope for the best.  After all, my shiny new system
boots and the toolchain works (minus pthreads).


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