Stupid Newbie Question?

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You understood correctly
But you'll have to provide more info. At what point does it fail? What does
it say before the 'error 2'?

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> Hello,
> I'm trying out Buildroot. Have downloaded the snapshot, and 
> tried to do a 'make' after running through 'make menuconfig'. 
> I didn't change anything; just left everything as default 
> because I want to see what it does for a stock setup.
> The build fails with 'error 2' when it can't find 
> "i386-linux-uclibc-gcc". Do I have to build the compiler 
> toolchain first? It was my understanding that Buildroot was 
> self-contained, and would build the toolchain, kernel, 
> uClibc, etd.  Is this wrong?
> Thank you,
> Bob Wirka
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