[uClibc] fstat and fstat64

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Tue Jun 28 06:03:41 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 28 June 2005 01:43 am, John Bowler wrote:
> From: uclibc-bounces at uclibc.org [mailto:uclibc-bounces at uclibc.org]On
> >the attached kernel_stat.h seems to work for me ... tested on arm/2.6 and
> >armeb/2.4
> >
> >struct kernel_stat64 {
> >	unsigned long long st_dev;
> ?  This is the same as the patch I originally suggested.  I thought the
> conclusion was that there *had* been an ABI change?

the reason i resent was because of the last hunk (st_blocks) :) ... your 
version differs from mine

the file also isnt the same exact as it was when this thread started so i was 
hoping you'd test the version i attached and give it a yeah or nah ... and in 
the former case i'll go ahead and commit it since it appears to be working 
for me on both armeb and armel

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