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Gustavo Guillermo Pérez gustavo at compunauta.com
Mon Jun 27 19:38:03 UTC 2005

El Viernes, 24 de Junio de 2005 18:18, Nathanael Noblet escribió:
> On Jun 24, 2005, at 4:03 PM, coreyfro at coreyfro.com wrote:
> > Lemme try asking again..
> >
> > I am a newb
> >
> > I need a little help
> >
> > I can't find documentation and I have looked
> >
> > How do I build PCMCIA card services for buildroot?
>   No idea yet, but I will in a couple months as I'll have to do the same.

I just build against glibc statically, WFM. And my uClibc based distro has PNP 
support for PCMCIA cards.

> > How do I install a modular kernel into buildroot?
> Take a look at bugs.uclibc.org find a patch I submitted to add Via
> EpiaM-ii support, it has a kernel config in it.
> > Are there any "gotcha's" for PCMCIA services and modular kernels with
> Doubtful with buildroot, but there are gotchas if you plan on booting
> off of pcmcia devices, but would likely be answered better in a pcmcia
> forum

Gustavo Guillermo Pérez
Compunauta uLinux

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