[uClibc] using native and cross compiled bins and libs

bruma bruma at volja.net
Sun Jun 26 15:33:13 UTC 2005


I'm trying to use two buildroot-s, one for keeping rootfs really small
(2M gzip) and one (dev buildroot) with uClibc development system (native
toolchain, binutils, make...). Both have same versions of uClibc,
busybox... Actually development buildroot is clone from small buildroot,
with additional options.

What I'm trying to do is, to compile some package.tar.gz in native
environment (chroot /path/to/dev/buildroot) and then copy it to small

Why am I doing this?
1. Some packages (not part of buildroot) are hard to cross compile,
especially if package is depended on other packages (also not part of
buildroot). So, first I compile and install package in native
environment (chroot) and then do same with depended package.

2. I want to keep rootfs small and add just specific bins and libs to
it. My dev buildroot is quite big (100MB).

So, and at last, where is the problem?
Binaries compiled in native (dev buildroot) are not working on small
rootfs. When I try to run binary I get error "can't resolve symbol".

What I'm doing wrong? Should cross and native compiled libs and bins
work together?

Regards bruma

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