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Nathanael Noblet nathanael at gnat.ca
Fri Jun 24 23:18:26 UTC 2005

On Jun 24, 2005, at 4:03 PM, coreyfro at coreyfro.com wrote:

> Lemme try asking again..
> I am a newb
> I need a little help
> I can't find documentation and I have looked
> How do I build PCMCIA card services for buildroot?
  No idea yet, but I will in a couple months as I'll have to do the same.

> How do I install a modular kernel into buildroot?

Take a look at bugs.uclibc.org find a patch I submitted to add Via 
EpiaM-ii support, it has a kernel config in it.

> Are there any "gotcha's" for PCMCIA services and modular kernels with

Doubtful with buildroot, but there are gotchas if you plan on booting 
off of pcmcia devices, but would likely be answered better in a pcmcia 

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