[uClibc] [Patch] Buildroot e2fsprogs-1.37

magicfox magicfox at magic.fr
Fri Jun 24 10:05:54 UTC 2005


e2fsprogs native compiler (to build utils/subst) get options of target
compiler. This makes an error for me on my environment. Someone else ?
(I use -Wall in place of $ALL_CFLAGS see e2fsprogs-1.37-build_cc.patch)

filefrag utility use large file as default and we get an error if uClibc
is not configured with large file support (see 2fsprogs-1.37-build_cc.patch)

Of course, the regular patch e2fsprogs-1.37-2.patch is always needed.

I use often newer versions of many progs in /usr/local/{bin,sbin}.
This is defined prior /usr/{bin,sbin} in my path.
May be I suggest to keep preferred user path definitions for buildroot
in package/Makefile.in ?

Hope this help great uClibc family tools ;-)
Best regards.

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