[uClibc] Trouble with buildroot and X11

David Smoot davidsmoot at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 21:03:06 UTC 2005

First post to the list, and yes I did search but to no avail.  Before
I start complaining let me start by saying thanks for such a great
tool.  It is very impressive and very handy.  If I could only figure
out X11...

My company has been using a hand crafted root file system image with
busybox 0.63 for a couple of years.  I've just come on board and one
of my tasks is to update the root file system image and clean up their
build process for assembling a root file system.

Buildroot does 95% of my entire task flawlessly but I cannot for the
life of me figure out how to make X11 compile.  I am running on a 686
architecture for both my target and development system.  I am not
resource constrained, our product is a full 3gHz single board system. 
We boot from a flash disk, load the kernel and root file system into
ram and run from ram for the most part with a few pieces of the system
running off the flash disk.

When I try to compile X11 I get the following error message:
-o scanpci -Os -fsigned-char     -L../../../../../exports/lib  
scanpci.o -L../os-support -lxf86_os -L../scanpci -lscanpci
-L../dummylib -ldummy 
../os-support/libxf86_os.a(Pci.o)(.text+0x17): In function `pciInit':
Pci.c: undefined reference to `ix86PciInit'

I'm sure I am not providing enough information but I'm not sure where
the problem might be.

Could someone send me an example of a working busybox .config file
that will compile X11?
I tried compiling in the tinyX server and that completed the build
process (and I made sure I have a kernel with fbdev support).  But I
cannot for the life of me figure out how to run the fbdev binary. 
Does it require a config file?  Is it configured with command line
options?  I have an Intel 845GV graphics chipset which uses the 'Intel
i810' device driver.  How would I call / configure the fbdev
executable to set up a simple 800x600 screen with 16 bit color and
keyboard / mouse support?

Sorry for all the questions but I have really hammered on this for a
couple of days and am completely stuck.  Any suggestions welcome as
well as any links to a "rtfm" for fbdev.  I found some fbdev man pages
but they were next to useless.  I need either the command line syntax
or config file syntax.


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