[uClibc] kern.debug kernel: NWFPE: iwconfig[736] takes exception 00000002 at c014d5cc from 40054594

John Clark jclark at metricsystems.com
Tue Jun 21 16:08:54 UTC 2005

Stephan Henningsen wrote:

> Ralph Siemsen wrote:
>> Nope, its not the driver.  Its a divide-by-zero (on a float or 
>> double) within the iwconfig application (or a library it links, like 
>> libm). Should be pretty easy to find with gdb.
> I think I've found the cause:  A module returned 0 to iwconfig, which 
> then in turn tried to / with it.  I hacked the driver to always
> return something useful, and then it all went away.

The philosophical question is: why this would not cause the same sort of 
trap with glibc? 'fixing' the driver to return a non-zero
value always, suggests that this bug will continue to exist because 
someone didn't condition iwconfig to check for zero on

John Clark

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