[uClibc] Re: implementing __libc_stack_end

Mark S. Mathews mark at linux-wlan.com
Mon Jun 20 12:27:18 UTC 2005

Is your test for a powerpc target?

The problem isn't in the apps that I'm using, the reference to 
__libc_stack_end is in libgcc.  I don't have the code in front of me, but 
it comes from a macro expansion in the config/rs6000 stuff.

The first failure I get is when buildroot is compiling/linking ldd.

Thanks for the reply,


On Sun, 19 Jun 2005, Peter S. Mazinger wrote:

> On Sun, 19 Jun 2005, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
>>> I don't think this has to be implemented. As of the ~300 apps I have built
>>> against uclibc, only kaffe was using this explicitely.
>> Great, have you used gcc 3.4.4 as well?
> I have rebuilt all 300 apps (switching to uclibc-svn) w/ gcc-3.4.4
> I have only seen mentioning some backtrace possibility in gdb related to
> __libc_stack_end (sjhill could tell more about it maybe, the comment is
> somewhere in the nptl port, can't recall)
> Peter


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