[uClibc] buildroot fails to build the cross-toolchain

Michael Hunold hunold at linuxtv.org
Fri Jun 17 12:35:48 UTC 2005

Hello all,

On 08.06.2005 19:05 Michael Hunold said the following:
> I have tried to use buildroot to create a big-endian mips root environment.
> I'm using Fedora Core 2 and started with the most simple configuration,
> with no additional packages.
> Unfortunately, buildroot fails right from the start to build the
> cross-toolchain with the following error:
> [...]

I wanted to investigate this problem at home. I had already updated to
FC3, now I did an "yum update && yum upgrade".

I deleted everything, checked out buildroot from then svn repository,
started again, and ... it worked.

Thanks for all the suggestions and sorry for the noise.

Michael Hunold.

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