[uClibc] buildroot breaks compiling m68k stuff

Dylan Griffiths Dylan_Griffiths at pmc-sierra.com
Tue Jun 14 16:10:00 UTC 2005

Douglas Campos wrote:
> Has anyone noticed that m68knommu doesn't work?
> It breaks sadly trying to compile boa, busybox, and another stuff.
> If someone wants/can help I'll send details und pvt

The current buildroot is pretty broken if you select noMMU.  You need to 
patch up the implementation of vfork (as I provided on the mailing list 
earlier), and change a lot of fork references into vfork references (a 
lot of busybox code uses fork in a vfork style when spawning children). 
  The only other thing you need to do is fix up the daemon calls.

With that, you can get something useful out of the compile environment. 
  It's actually pretty surprising what combinations fail.  If you turn 
on softFPU and try to compile, you get failures to patch kernel headers 
that go away if you turn this off.  Buildroot needs some regression testing.

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