[uClibc] buildroot fails to build the cross-toolchain

Charles Palmer charles.palmer at acutetechnology.com
Mon Jun 13 20:11:09 UTC 2005


For the record, I (apparently) built buildroot for mipsel on both Fedora 
Core 3 and RH9, but then none of the programs I built with the resulting 
tools would run on my target. I gave up.

I note that Jose Rubio wrote "I noticed that the buildroot does not check 
all dependencies", and I do recall being a bit concerned about the buildroot 
not checking whether the right tools etc were installed before trying to run 
them - I got some ambiguous messages about wrong versions of autoconf...

Perhaps Erik could modify his sophisticated make process to add checks for 
necessary host tools and halting if they are not present - and even getting 
each newly-built cross-tool to run a simple test suite after it is built. I 
know that may be a bunch of work, but maybe very worthwhile considering 
there are so many combinations of host and target configurations, and 
toolchain versions.

Another (easier) suggestion: why not provide sets of pre-built cross-tools 
etc. Presumably this could be automated. This would be useful for:
(a) giving builtroot users something to compare with their own results, and
(b) providing users quick access to the cross-tools themselves - after all, 
that is all that many people are looking for when they come to the uclibc 

Regards - Charles

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> Hi Erik,
> Erik Andersen writes:
>> On Mon Jun 13, 2005 at 07:19:25PM +0200, Michael Hunold wrote:
>>> as -EB -O2 -g0 -no-mdebug -32 -v -KPIC -o crtbegin.o /tmp/ccSaZwia.s
>>> as: unrecognized option `-EB'
>> The above looks remarkably like it is calling 'as', i.e. your
>> build system's native 'as', which is presumably for x86.
> Hm, you're right. There is no "as" binary or anything else in build_mips 
> dir
> or anywhere else. 8-(
> ----------------------------------schnipp-------------------------------
> mhu buildroot% pwd
> /home/mhu/buildroot/buildroot
> mhu buildroot% find . -iname "as"
> mhu buildroot% find . -type f -iname "*gcc"
> ./toolchain_build_mips/gcc-3.4.2-initial/gcc/mklibgcc
> ./toolchain_build_mips/gcc-3.4.2-initial/gcc/xgcc
> ./toolchain_build_mips/gcc-3.4.2/zlib/nt/Makefile.gcc
> ./toolchain_build_mips/gcc-3.4.2/gcc/config.gcc
> ./toolchain_build_mips/gcc-3.4.2/gcc/testsuite/README.gcc
> ----------------------------------schnipp------------------------------- 
> So the build seems to be seriously flawed on FC3. Unfortunately I am not
> experienced at all in this field. Perhaps Ralph can tell us what he did to
> get it done on FC3.
>>  -Erik
> CU
> Michael.


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