[uClibc] buildroot fails to build the cross-toolchain

Michael Hunold hunold at linuxtv.org
Mon Jun 13 16:48:41 UTC 2005

Hello Jose, 

thank you for your answer. 

jose rubio writes: 

> I can compile mipsel just fine, you just have
> to make sure that you wipe out the build_mips and
> build_mipsel directories along with their
> corresponding toolchain_* directories. Then do a
> TOPLEVEL "make clean" and you should then do a brand
> new "make menuconfig" and make sure you pick mipsel.

I always made sure to start with a free svn checkout. 

As I already said in my previous mail, I could compile big endian MIPS fine 
with my Debian system at home. So there is some kind distribution or 
environment dependency here. 

> Also I noticed that the buildroot does not check all
> dependencies, so the best bet is start off by
> selecting under the "Board Support Options" ->
> "Generic development system"

Unfortunately, this does not solve my problem either. 8-( 

Ralph, can you please send me the .config you tried on your FC3 system? 


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