[uClibc][OT]: alternative to php (was: Cross-compiling PHP)

Natanael Copa mlists at tanael.org
Mon Jun 13 08:47:11 UTC 2005

Gustavo Guillermo Pérez wrote:
> El Domingo, 5 de Diciembre de 2004 22:11, Mitch Davis escribió:
>>I have been experimenting with running PHP 4.3.9 in a
>>uClibc environment. 


> I compile sucess PHP 4.3.11 but building php 5.0 I got error 
> loading /lib/libc.so.6 aborting, you want to share issues?.
> cheers


I would just like to mention that there is an interesting project named
"haserl" that embeds shell code instead of php in the html.

Since the binary is less than 10k (after sstrip) it might be an
alternative worth considering.


Natanael Copa

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