[uClibc] first try of gcc 4.0.0 compiling for ppc

Wojciech Kromer wojciech.kromer at dgt.com.pl
Mon Jun 13 06:35:08 UTC 2005

>>next problem with gcc 4.0.0 is :
>>-Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -fno-strict-aliasing   
>>-msoft-float  -fno-builtin -nostdinc -D_LIBC -I../../../../include -I.  
>>-Os -funit-at-a-time   -isystem 
>>-DNDEBUG -fpic -c adjtimex.c -o adjtimex.o
>>adjtimex.c:14: error: '__adjtimex' aliased to undefined symbol 'adjtimex'
>>adjtimex.c:15: error: 'ntp_adjtime' aliased to undefined symbol 'adjtimex'
>I think you need to move the alias to AFTER the function definition.
>Send a patch it that works.
> Jocke
Actual code is:

#include "syscalls.h"
#include <sys/timex.h>
_syscall1(int, adjtimex, struct timex *, buf);

weak_alias(adjtimex, __adjtimex);
weak_alias(adjtimex, ntp_adjtime);

IMHO there is something wrong with order of kernel header includes,
 _KERNEL_ define, or choosing wrong version on sys/time.h
or maybe _syscall1 has beed changed .... do not know yet

Still trying.

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