[uClibc] uclibc/busybox based distros

Ivan Daniluk ivan.daniluk at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 14:25:40 UTC 2005

Sunday 12 June 2005 06:44, Mike Frysinger You wrote:
> if you're just going to be using the uclibc system locally, doing it via a 
> loopback device seems kind of silly ... just do it in a chroot; that way you 
> dont have to worry about space limitations
> -mike
No, the target platform is not local machine, but x86-device that could be 
reached only via network. I have not direct access to harddisk, but know it's 
geometry, so building hdd-image on regular file is most suitable and fast 
way. Then all I have to do is to load target via etherboot, mount local 
machine via NFS and do dd if=image_file of=/dev/hda. 

Ivan Daniluk,
software engineer,
Kiev, Ukraine.

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