[uClibc] rsh server

maryam maryam_seraj at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 9 15:59:20 UTC 2005

> > it's non-interactive. There are quite a few 
> > scripts on the control plane which rsh into the
> euhm:
> $ ssh user at host ls
> > data plane to execute a few things. Since I
> upgraded 
> > the kernel/busybox versions on the data plane, 
> > therefore, I need to comply with the way it used 
> > to be done before, hence having to have a rsh 
> > server.
> I don't think that ssh does anything less than rsh
> does, only more...
> have a look at ssh-keygen. When creating keys
> without a password, you
> just need to pass the public key to the clients that
> want to access your
> embedded server.
The decision to go with rsh originally was made
before my time at the company, but I suspect it
was because the server (data plane) was required
to execute a few commands per client's request,
as part of it's startup process, so this is even
before anybody has a chance to create ssh keys on
the server side. It's sort of like the chicken 
and egg problem. This whole part of the system 
is going to be re-designed, but until then the 
box has to continue to work with possibly no 
changes to the client side. So, now I'm not sure 
if ssh will work for me.


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