[uClibc] Buildroot question about Soekris net4521 board...

Doyle, Patrick WPD at dtccom.com
Thu Jun 2 20:36:05 UTC 2005

How "fresh" is the Soekris net4521 target under "Board Support Options"?  Is
it something that folks on this list use regularly and works fine for them;
or is it something that was added to the list of targets some time ago and
could, perhaps, be a little stale?

I am asking because, when I enable it and attempt to build a rootfs, the
make fails immediately with a missing "endif" in
target/device/Soekris/net4521/linux.mk.  When I add the missing endif and
try again, I get a root filesystem, but no linux kernel -- something I
expected to find when I enabled that option.  (FWIW, I just tried this again
with the daily snapshot from 06/01/05).

If the code support for the 4521 is a little stale, I would be happy to go
in an freshen it up, but if it is something that folks say "no, it works for
me, as it has been every day for the last 14 years", then that changes the
focus of my investigation.

Thanks for any pointers...


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