[uClibc] How to run depmod for target?

Stephan Henningsen sth at amplex.dk
Wed Jun 1 09:23:51 UTC 2005

John Bowler wrote:

> I don't know about the busybox implementation but the module-init-tools (2.6
> kernel) at ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/kernel/module-init-tools/
> are intended to work cross-platform.  (I did have to patch the byte swap
> routines when going from x86 host to big endian ARM target, but the problem
> was localised to the bytes swapping and depmod would crash.)

So the module-init-tools only works on linux 2.6?  My target is 
running linux 2.4, so I guess there's no point to trying to 
cross-compile module-init-tools for it..

I can of course generate the modules.usbmap on the host.  But the idea 
was to do this only initially.  When I later decide to update the 
target with a new module, I assume it would need a new modules.usbmap 
as well.  But while the target's depmod can generate its own 
modules.dep, it cannot make its own modules.usbmap.
What's the solution to this?

Switching to linux 2.6 on the target and give it a new 
module-init-tools seems like the best solution.  But I'm afraid 
changing kernel is not an option at the moment; I'm stuck with 2.4.27.

When updating with a new module, should I also update the 
modules.usbmap and modules.dep?  And since the hotplug package 
includes the modules.usbmap, I would think I need to upgrade this as 
well, everytime a new module is to be deployed.  That's suddently an 
awfully lot of data.

Stephan Henningsen

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