[uClibc] uclibc toolchain makefile and elf2flt.mk

Edmond Coté edmond.cote at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 16:16:38 UTC 2004

Wrt. to building the uclibc toolchain from Erik Andersen's Makefile.
There is a file in the sources/ sub-directory called elf2flt.mk

Is it possible to make use of this file, if so how?

I've tried adding elf2flt at the end of the following line in the Makefile..

TARGETS+=host-sed kernel-headers uclibc-configured binutils gcc3_3
ccache elf2flt

or compiled the toolchain, then run:

% make elf2flt

both instances complain about a target 'gcc_final' not found.

I grepped the different files and found no mention anywhere of 'gcc_final'

Comments?, suggestions?



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