[uClibc] Invalid configuration `i386-linux-uclibc': system`uclibc' not recog

Erik Andersen andersen at codepoet.org
Tue Dec 28 19:07:26 UTC 2004

On Tue Dec 28, 2004 at 05:32:09PM +0000, james osburn wrote:
> i do appreciate you taking the time answer my question.
> but your answer is like me going into a mechanic and asking
> "hey something is wrong with my toyota", and the mechanic says "buy a 
> honda".
> i appreciate the time and trouble and effort that goes into making
> the toolchain and buildroot and i appreciated that they have been
> made public. but i would like to gain an understanding of how
> the work and so that i can extend and repair problems i find.

It isn't cheating to look at what the folks driving hondas
are doing to see if doing something similar might help...



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