[uClibc] uclibc-lfs

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Tue Dec 28 16:01:21 UTC 2004

2004-12-28T14:55:24 Bennett Todd:
> There's a debian-based one and a gentoo-based one, I don't know
> precisely where to point you to pick up patches as desired for them.

I just realized, I got a hint at that recently, someone on the perl5
list gave me a ptr to
which does nice for the one fix required to 5.8.6 source code for a
clean build on uClibc. So assuming the Gentoo folk like consistent
naming conventions, perhaps google gentoo uclibc.patch would scoop
up a bunch of 'em ... hmm ... seems kinda scattershot, not the clean
list I was sorta hoping for. Ahh well, there's a basic concept
there, if you have trouble building package "foo", try googling for
foo uclibc patch.

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