[uClibc] uclibc-lfs

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Tue Dec 28 14:55:24 UTC 2004

2004-12-28T14:23:21 Henry Jensen:
> uclibc-lfs.txt, which is from 2002-08-16 - is this the newest?, is
> mentions a file uclibc-lfs-patches-0.3.tar.bz2 which is required
> to build a LFS based uClibc. It contains a number patches.

I don't know about that one.

I did my own LFS-inspired distro (with some major differences,
notably software packaging and strictly static linking).

I've needed few uClibc-specific patches for the build; over the last
couple of years, uClibc has matured dramatically to be much, much
more friendly for building arbitrary packages.

Two suggestions:

(1) Don't use the year-old "release" version of uClibc, use a
    current snapshot, or CVS, whichever you find more tasteful.

(2) Do your LFS-ish build using instructions and build order from
    LFS, but initially with no patches; when you get compilation
    failures, pick patches from one of the currently-maintained
    uClibc-based distros.

There's a debian-based one and a gentoo-based one, I don't know
precisely where to point you to pick up patches as desired for them.
For my distro, you can visit <URL:http://bent.latency.net/bent/>;
the darcs subdir is the handy place if you want to just pick out
patches and shell scraps for building rather than downloading my
packages containing my binary builds.

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