[uClibc] mips/gdb with uclibc and threads and shared libraries?

john.smith at arrows.demon.co.uk john.smith at arrows.demon.co.uk
Thu Dec 23 00:01:55 UTC 2004

We have a mips processor, and a uClibc, and Linux kernel based on

We also have a substantial code using pthreads and shared libraries.
We try to debug using gdb on a Linux PC and gdbserver on the mips.  On
the whole, we have little success.  

Can anyone say whether we should move to a recent snapshop?

1. Does it compile for MIPS?
2. Using gdb, can I debug code using pthreads?
3. Using gdb, do I debug code using shared libraries?
4. Given a core dump (with shared libraries and threads), can I 
   examine it with gdb?

Any remarks on required versions of gdb, or stability, would be welcomed.


John Smith

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