[uClibc] uClibc and C++

Garrett Kajmowicz gkajmowi at tbaytel.net
Fri Dec 17 04:11:31 UTC 2004

> I have used previously uClibc to program in C(Linux) for embedded
> project on PowerPC and I found it is a great product.
> Now we are looking to do work in embedded C++. We don't need RTTI, STL -
> we are looking for an embedded ANSI C/C++ that very close to an
> "Embedded C++" and for the _free_ compiler. The target platform will be
> PowerPC.
> I have seen uClibc++ but it looks like supports only i386.
> Would anybody please suggest any _free_ embedded ANSI C/C++ compiler
> that will do both PowerPC(Linux) and i386 (Linux).
> What uClibc right now up to, in terms of C++ support?

I am writing the uClibc++ library and currently maintain it.  It is listed as 
only supporting x86 for the simple reason that I have no way of testing the 
code on anything other than such a platform.  If you want to send me a 
PowerPC system, I'll work on it.

Otherwise, you should have little (if any) problem porting it.  It should 
require no more than a conversion of the compiler flags.  Off the top of my 
head there is *no* platform specific things in the code, as long as the C 
lbirary properly defines the number of bits in a byte.  That is used for the 
bitset template to cram more data into less space, but not all that important 

Note that the majority of the libray is in fact the STL.  The majority of the 
rest of the code in a proper implementation is locales, which I have stripped 
out.  Of course, I do have complete stream support in the code.  It's only 
the essotaric math functions which have yet to be completed.

Let me know if you have any questions.

- Garrett Kajmowicz

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