[uClibc] Stripping unneeded symbols from shared library

uclibc at zevv.nl uclibc at zevv.nl
Wed Dec 15 10:09:36 UTC 2004

I'm trying to minimalize my root filesystem size, so I would like to omit
all functions/symbols from my uClibc shared library that are not used by any
of the applications or other libs. With some shell scripting, nm and
objdump, it's not too hard to collect a list of symbols that could be removed
from libuClibc.so without breaking things (I hope).

How can I remove those syms from an existing .so file ? objcopy and strip
don't seem to work on shared libs, only on the original .o's, but I'd like
to perform this action on the finished root fs, without the need of
recompiling. Any tips would be appreciated.



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