[uClibc] Buildroot & inittar patch

Pedro Venda pjlv at mega.ist.utl.pt
Tue Dec 14 16:46:12 UTC 2004

Thomas Cameron wrote:
> Anybody think adding the inittar patch to buildroot's kernel patchset would
> be interesting? I've used it in several systems in the past, and have been
> both satisfied and impressed.
> Also, would anybody be interested in a patch to buildroot that would add a
> "tarfs" target option? This would basically tar and gzip the "root" target
> directory after cleaning things up.

when I read that message in the linux-kernel ml, I thought of the same... but 
what do you gain with it? is there a real overhead spared with tarfs filesystem 
that you waste with gzipped ext2fs?

In the same subject what are the pros and cons of using these filesystems in the 
. gzipped ext2fs
. cramfs
. squashfs
. tarfs

What stops one from using any other filesystem? overhead?

pedro venda.

Pedro João Lopes Venda
email: pjlv at mega.ist.utl.pt

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