[uClibc] [PPC-BUILDROOT] ldconfig.c fails to compile because PAGE_SIZE is undeclared.

Andrew Reusch andrew.reusch at wiline.com
Tue Dec 14 15:23:58 UTC 2004


    Using the latest buildroot from cvs and compiling for the powerpc I 
was unable to compile ldconfig.c because the macro PAGE_SIZE was 
undefined. Scanning the archives I found this relevant message.

>I just included asm/page.h, and it seems to have worked (the toolchain
>built, anyway)
>On Friday, 13 Aug 2004, Mike Frysinger wrote:
>>/ On Friday 13 August 2004 10:58 am, David Frascone wrote:
/>>/ > So, is this fix going to make it into CVS?
/>>/ it has been 'fixed' :)
/>>/ the file now includes sys/user.h instead of asm/page.h ... unfortunately, this 
/>>/ only fixes things for i386/mips ... everyone else is still dead in the water
/>>/ eric said that the bigger plan was to create a uclibc page.h file and include 
/>>/ that ... that file will take care of making sure everything is 
/>>/ defined/included properly for each arch ...
/>>/ but atm, if you're building on a non-i386/mips arch (i'm using arm atm), then 
/>>/ just `sed -i 's:sys/user\.h:asm/user.h:' libc/misc/internals/__uClibc_main.c` 
/>>/ for the time being
/>>/ -mike


Including <asm/page.h> in ldconfig.c fixed the problem. Is this the 
correct thing to do? Or is the proper behavior of the build process to 
define PAGE_SIZE in user.h?


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