[uClibc] Compiling toolchain under Cygwin?

Roland Zitzke VDLJIPDEBFIP at spammotel.com
Mon Dec 13 11:42:31 UTC 2004


I read that some people managed to compile the toolchain under Cygwin.
I tried this using the built tool for 2.95 and 3.3 and found the same problem for both versions on two different cygwin systems.

When making

link and mv commands fail since the
EXEEXT variable in the Makefile is empty:

man7ext = .7

objext = .o

exeext = 

build_exeext = 


The latter should imho be .exe.

In the config.log in this directory I see no entry checking for EXEEXT 

Any hint on where this should be set to .exe?

Thanks and regards


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