[uClibc] Beginning of documentation for Buildroot

Karsten Kruse tecneeq at tecneeq.de
Fri Dec 10 04:30:00 UTC 2004


On Wednesday 08 December 2004 17:58, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:

> I've started a small documentation for Buildroot, which is much like a
> FAQ. It's fairly small at the moment, but contains the questions I was
> asking myself when I started to use Buildroot.

Nice work. Here is a Patch:

 - cvs-Id added (if you don't use cvs remove it, or better, install cvs :) )

 - <pre> reformatted

 - <i> removed

 - <code> for filenames, directorys and commands, replaces <tt>

 - directorys end in a slash ( build_ARCH/staging_dir/ )

 - "Under most Unix-like systems, the compilation toolchain uses the
   GNU libc as C standard library." i think thats only true for Linux,
   are there other Systems using glibc? I changed that to "most Linux

 - after i made all changes i used tidy to make sure everything was ok,
   too bad i used the -m switch. Now all my changes are hidden in the
   reindendation, sorry for that :(.

> So, it's just a beginning, a draft, it's waiting for your precious
> comments, remarks, suggestions.

I like it. Go ahead, you have my blessings :).

> Moreover, as I'm french, my english isn't very good, and there may be some 
> language mistakes.

Thats the reason why i not even started to remove the TODOs.

> Here's the URL :
> http://lolut.utbm.info/~thomas/buildroot/buildroot-documentation.html

Here is my unfied Patch:

And this is how it looks if the patch is applied:

Sorry again that i screwed up the patch, i am to lazy right now to do it 
from scratch just to get an easier to read patch.


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