[uClibc] buildroot compile Segfaults

Ray Charles raycharles_man at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 22:32:58 UTC 2004

--- Robert Connolly <robert at linuxfromscratch.org>

>> I think he means he wants to build genext2fs
> uclibc. The easiest way 
> to do that is copy the genext2fs source in the root/
> directory, chroot there 
> and build it statically linked. Its better to find
> out why it won't build 
> against your host toolchain first though.
> _______________________________________________

My host is runnig uCrux Linux, which includes the
toolchains for my target i386.  This host allready has
uClibc.  Anything I compile will be compiled using

Infact genext2fs builds fine with my hosts toolchain. 
It's when I tried to do buildroot, that i got the Seg
Fault on genext2fs.

For the curious out there.. my hosts toolchain doesn't
have support for sys_siglist and that's what prompted
me to build a new toolchain. The FAQ was my guide in
coming to that decission.

To everyone; I am extremly grateful for your help on
this. I've been lurking around uClibc and Busybox for
ages but now I am actually doing a project with it 
and it all seems new to me.


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